In the summer of 2003 James Newton and Sam Clements headed to Brazil with a video camera, a map, and the idea to make a documentary. It was whilst filming in Southern Brazil that they heard about the extraordinary work of US missionary Sister Dorothy Stang, a nun with a price on her head. For over 20 years she had been fighting to preserve the Amazon rainforest, while helping peasant farmers live sustainably. Inspired by a mere five-minute call to Sister Dorothy, they set off on a 2500-mile journey to find her. Little did they know of the dangers ahead, or that Sister Dorothy would later be killed by hired gunmen.

The Student, the Nun & the Amazon is a film about the work of Sister Dorothy made shortly before her death. The law of the jungle prevails and life is cheap. Journey with Sam as he discovers the issues surrounding her tragic murder, and meet the community she fought to protect and empower. Be inspired by her courage and compassion. It is war in the forest, and time is quickly running out.

We hope you enjoy and discover lots,
Sam and Jim